Member Spotlight – Alaina Lambert



Learn more about Alaina including her favorite family tradition and how she wants to make the community a better place.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Born and raised in Randolph Couny, NC. Grew up in Seagrove on our family farm and moved to Randleman.
Name of spouse – Where did you meet and when and where were you married?
My husbands name is Andrew. We met when he hired my boyfriend at the time to work for him selling electronics. We began a friendship that over time changed to a relationship. (Long after I dumped the other guy) We’ve been together for 11 years now. He’s my best friend.
Names and ages of children?
Natalie – 17 – attends Early College. Wants to study criminal justice.
Caroline – 15 – wants to be an EMS
Adelind – 3 – sorry 3 and a half. She wants to join girl scouts when she is 5. (tells me every day)
Abram – 1 – Likes gummies and unplugging all outlets in the house.
If you could have one super power, what would it be?
That’s too hard.
Did you attend college?  Where?
I went to Randolph Community College in Asheboro. Got my Associates in Accounting.
What are your hobbies and general interests?
My hobbies are going to the movies, crafting, and spending time with my family.
Biggest technology change in the past 10 years and how do you use it today?
The internet in general. The reach that it has is amazing. Yes, it has its issues, but the good that can come from it to unite people is wild like through social media. I use the internet almost every minute of the day. Social media, emails, online ordering, news, my circulation system. I can run my circulation system from my cellphone because it is web-based.
What is your favorite vacation spot?  Travel experience?
We love to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway. My youngest daughters middle name is Blue because of that. It was our first vacation as a couple. And we go every year and pick a Christmas tree and eat at Dan’l Boone Inn. My favorite tradition.
Give us a brief synopsis of your career (i.e., what and where was your first newspaper related position and where did your career go from there?)
I started at the Courier-Tribune in 2010. I had just graduated with my Associates degree in accounting and got hired as the Circulation bookkeeper. Two years later, I am the business office supervisor. I moved around the building picking up new hats. I managed all the accounting systems for both advertising and circulation, then I moved into IT and HR. Long story short, I made my way back into leading the business office. When the CD position opened up I covered it while a replacement was being searched for. I realized that was where I needed to be. I had always had a strong hand in circulation and now was my time to give it a go. And here I am.
How, when and why did you get involved with MACMA?
I went to my first conference this year and was asked if I wanted to be on the board. I joined to get more involved with the Circulation/Audience community.
What is the one thing you wish you were able to do or change in the your job or industry?
I want to be move involved in the community. We are needed here. Its so important to get the information to the people. This includes the school systems. Getting more local content to our children helps to teach them what goes on here. I want our content to reach them in more ways. Better ways.
What is the “Biggest Challenge” you are facing in the next year?
The biggest would be to get the volumes up. All that effects everything else.
Have you ever had a mentor?  What did that person teach you?
Probably my husband. He has been my greatest supporter and teacher when it comes to managing my team. My other mentors would be my previous and current leadership. I have learned a lot from their successes and mistakes and it helps me grow in my career. Their confidence and guidance as put me where I am today.
How can someone contact you?
What is your company URL